Men Really Are After ONE Thing. And It’s Not Sex

Young women have always been taught that men are only after one thing from us. We’ve been told to always protect ourselves and beware of men who go after “it”. We’ve been conditioned to think that once a man gets “it”, he will look at us differently and to stay away from men who might be like that. But now that I’ve grown up a little bit I’ve realized that men really do want only one thing from women. And it’s not sex. Can you guess what it is?

ego 6

It’s their ego. Stroking a man’s ego is the best way to make a man feel like a man. It lets him know that he’s doing something right whether it’s how he treats you, or how he makes you feel when you’re with him. Just like women like to receive compliments, so do men. And just like women want to feel secure, so do men.

So now you’re probably wondering – how can you stroke a man’s ego? Well, there are many ways. Here are a few that come to mind:

  1. Reinforce that he’s the one you want to be with – Men want to feel like they are the only person you’ll ever need. Like they are the go-to guy for every ordeal you may face
  2. Pay close attention to him – Men don’t always express their feelings (it’s rare that they do) so you need to figure out  what signs to look for so you can make sure that he’s happy in the relationship
  3. Make him feel special – Validate his feelings without being too obvious about it. Men like it when we occasionally plan dates; ask them about a special project at work; or even when we give them gifts from time to time. Do things to make him feel how you want him to make you feel
  4. Let him think he’s knows more than he actually does – Men like to act as if they know a little bit more about stuff than they actually do. I don’t know where they get this from, but it doesn’t hurt to act “impressed” with his wealth of knowledge sometimes (this usually works best when the topic at hand is irrelevant)
  5. Listen – Men don’t talk nearly as much as women do (there are some exceptions to this) but they still want to be heard. It’s important to watch for the verbal & the nonverbal communications from them, as they could be “saying” something to you without actually “saying” it

Ladies it’s important to remember that while sex can come & go, a man really just wants to feel like he’s #1.

4 thoughts on “Men Really Are After ONE Thing. And It’s Not Sex

  1. I’m sorry, but this is horrible advice. It’s really not my job to make a man feel like a man. If I need to do that, then I need to stay single! That is a lot of responsibility to carry for a person. This article only seems to talk about what a woman needs to do for a man, when it should really be the other way around…

  2. That’s it! As soon as I convert to Mormonism, not to mention talk my wife into a plural marriage ….will you marry me? I have found the woman with the perfect outlook on what a man wants.Of course being old and fat, the line of men in front of me may be long and illustrious.

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