S.H.I.T. – Sure Happy It’s Thursday!

TGIF is probably one of the most commonly heard expressions used towards the end of the week. There’s always a lot of excitement leading up to the weekend either because of your plans or because there’s no work. Don’t get me wrong, I really used to like Friday’s. It’s casual day in the office, there were always fewer meetings and everyone usually left the office early. People seem to be in a better mood too. Plus everyone knows Friday is date night or time to head out to the club – a time you can usually let your hair down.

Then I realized something. Friday was only 3 days away from Monday, where we start the work week all over again. On Fridays people at work sometimes make last minute requests from you or don’t want to work that hard so you have to pick up the slack. Fridays can be stressful especially if you have something due on Monday morning. And yes, I get to leave the office early but Friday is when traffic is the absolute worst.

And what happens when you don’t have a date on Friday night? Or any plans at all? Then there really isn’t anything to look forward to on a Friday except your couch & television to keep you company. Aren’t most people tired from the work week anyway? Even if you do have plans, a weekend of activities means more money you’ll have to spend. Someone wise once said, “Weekdays are for saving, weekends are for spending.” (Okay, I’m the one who said that but you get the point)

So now my new favorite day of the week is Thursday. Thursday means you’ve gotten over the midweek hump and the promise of an entire weekend is ahead of you. There are still plans to be made and an entire 3 days to look forward to. Not to mention there is always better television programming on Thursday versus on Friday. I just love the anticipation of it all!

So the next time a Thursday rolls around, enjoy it as much as you can. Friday just means more traffic, rushed work and a weekend of spending money ahead of you.

Thursday 5

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