The Wedding Day Is Her Day, So Is The Proposal His Day?

Everyone knows that the wedding day was designed for the woman. The groom doesn’t get much of the spotlight on that day since all he has to do is just show up & say “I Do.” The woman usually plans everything right down to the very last detail, and has every right to bask in her day.

The engagement is a time for both the future bride & groom to enjoy their last few months of “freedom” and prepare for their big day (which again, is really HER day). I think the engagement period is where the rubber meets the road – you get to see how each person really deals with finances, stress, and even meddling family members.

But the proposal is another story. That day is 100% on the groom-to-be. The proposal is such a big day, but do men really understand how huge it is? Well if not, let me break it down for you:

  • You should definitely get parental blessings first –  It is so important to start your engagement off on the right foot. Receiving the O.K. from your future in-laws is the best way to do that. You need to make sure that her immediate family is on one accord before you walk down the aisle. Out of respect you should seek the parent’s blessings (because you would want your daughter’s future fiancé to do it too) – particularly from her father – it’s just the manly thing to do. Most daughters hold their father in high esteem so don’t skip this step.
  • Check your timing – Men this is a big deal, believe it or not. You see, most women have an ideal time of year of when they want to get married. Some of us may want a winter wedding, but if you don’t propose until October, that will just push back the wedding to the following year since we certainly can’t plan a wedding on 1-2 months’ notice. What if I wanted a nice summer backyard wedding, but you don’t propose until April? Again, this doesn’t give me enough time to plan so the wedding won’t be until the following summer. I can do away with my dream summer wedding, but why should I? This is something that should come up in conversation while we’re dating. Please propose during the right time of year so that I have enough time to plan the wedding that I’ve always dreamt of.
  • Pick out the right ring – This goes without saying. Every woman wants to LOVE her engagement ring. So if you don‘t know what kind of ring she wants, ask her friends. Find out before you invest in something so significant so she doesn’t end up disappointed. One other thing, don’t get a ring that looks good to you right now. Remember, this ring has to last for decades to come so it’s usually best to go with something either very unique, or very classic. Either way, it should be something special to her.
  • Private vs. Public – Some women want all their friends & family to witness their engagement, whereas some prefer it to be a more private moment. Take me for example: I am an outgoing person & love to be around people (for the most part) but whenever my significant other proposes to me I prefer it to be just the 2 of us in an intimate setting. However, based on my personality one might not have guessed that. Don’t make assumptions based on her personality; it’s important to know which type of proposal your woman prefers.
  • Make it a repeatable story – Men, make the proposal a story to remember! I am under the impression sometimes that men forget we women have to tell our proposal story over & over & over. All of our girlfriends, family members and even some wedding vendors are going to ask how we got engaged. This is a story that could even be told to our future children & grandchildren. We want a good story to tell these people so please make the proposal either very exciting or very romantic! Be creative! Plus, it just makes you look bad if the proposal isn’t memorable.

So, good luck men! Our wedding day depends on you getting the proposal right!!

Gray proposal

{Please click on this photo & see the best engagement ever recorded!   I still weep every time I see this video}

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