Why Am I Sucking In My Stomach At The Gym?

By now, you all know that I see some crazy things when I’m at the gym. Here are my sightings from this week:

  • Why is there a couch at the gym? – In the waiting area of my gym there is a black leather couch where I’ll see people sitting from time to time. It’s right next to the area where the sales reps sit but I have no idea why it’s there. Is the couch for people who are waiting for their personal training appointment or are they weary from a heavy workout? Whatever the case may be, I think it’s a bad incentive to have plush leather seating in the waiting area of a gym
  • There should be a fast food restaurant connected to the gym – Think of Wal-Mart. They have a McDonald’s connected to most of their stores, so why can’t the gym? I understand it’s all about getting fit and losing weight but what’s wrong with a little reward when you’re done? Or better yet, pig out before you hit the gym so you’ll be even more motivated to work out harder
  • I hate when men walk around with a puffed out chest – Most guys are just not that buff so why do these men act like they’ve been bench pressing 400 pounds? It’s like me sucking in my stomach while I walk around. It’s a gym folks & we’re all fat!
  • Please wear appropriate gym attire – Why do people show up at the gym wearing street clothing? Everyone knows what to wear to the gym and gym clothes are not expensive at all. Say no to the cargo shorts & respect the house of fitness.
  • Is it just me or does yoga seem like something you can do at home? – Yoga is very much an individual sport, like track or swimming. It’s not like the other people in the class are there to motivate you, or like we’re all suddenly going to get hype together.  I don’t see the point of going to a class where I sit down & stretch for an hour. I can lay a mat out & practice my breathing in the comfort of my own living room


4 thoughts on “Why Am I Sucking In My Stomach At The Gym?

  1. Here’s the thing about doing yoga in a group — you’ll actually do it. I don’t yoga (more of a pilates person) but anytime I take my behind to any group exercise class, I am more than likely to get more out of it. I think it’s self-imposed peer pressure. No one says anything to me, in regards to whether I master an exercise motion or whatever, but the fact that there are a group of people around means that I’ll push myself to do more than I THINK I can do. It’s almost better.

    On another note, the non buff dudes a) look ridiculous and b) have the skinniest legs ever because they don’t focus at ALL on their lower body.

    1. HA! That is so true about the buff dudes with the skinny legs. That makes no sense to me. Why focus on only your upper body? What good is having strong arms if your legs are just going to buckle underneath you?! LOL!!!!

      By the way, thanks so much for reading my blog 🙂

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