The Newest Member Of Mensa Is Black!

The newest member of MENSA is Anala Beevers, a little African American girl from New Orleans, Louisiana. With an IQ of 145, she was inducted into this very exclusive club just last month. (Normal genius level is around 130). Can you believe that she’s only 4 years old?! At 4 years old I knew how to read but I was nowhere near genius status. GO ANALA!!

We all know that Mensa is for the exceptionally smart, but did you know that only 2% of the general population qualifies for membership by passing a standardized intelligence test? With more than 57,000 members, there are more Americans in Mensa than in any other country in the world. Members range in age from 2 to 102 and include people from all walks of life – engineers, homemakers, teachers, actors, athletes, students and CEOs alike.

Who’s in Mensa? According to, the youngest Mensan is 2 years old; the oldest is 102 years old. Approximately 38% are Baby Boomers between the ages of 51 and 68, 31% are Gen-Xers between the ages of 27 and 48 and over 2,600 members are under the age of 18. The general membership is 66% male, 33% female but currently there isn’t any data available about racial breakdowns.

So, you’re probably wondering what a bunch of geniuses do when they get together. Well, they have community-oriented activities and can attend entertaining, intellectually stimulating events all while exchanging ideas with others through a variety of publications.  So, little Ms. Anala Beevers is in for a lifetime of learning!

Click here for Anala’s story.


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