I’m Too Old For Free Dinners

With the weekend coming up, I’m sure everyone is starting to make plans for Friday & Saturday night. There’ll be a lot of clubbin’, some partying and plenty of dates. Dating is a lot of fun no matter what age you are, but some dates can be a waste of time.

When I was in college I used to go out with men just to get a free meal. I grew weary of eating cafeteria food but didn’t have the money to eat out. There were plenty of older men who were willing to treat a young lady so I went for it. But then I grew out of that. After I graduated college I went out with lots of men, not for the free food but because I was eager to meet new people and free dinners were very easy to come by. Men who were interested in dating me treated me to all sorts of things, and it was very exciting. But at some point even free meals get old.

Now that I’m at a certain point in my life, I no longer feel the need to go out with a guy just for a free dinner. I’d rather stay home. It takes a lot of time & effort to prepare for a date and sometimes it’s just not worth it. Why spend 2-3 hours with a guy (and sometimes longer) who turns out to be corny or is just a bad date? I would prefer to enjoy my couch & a good movie instead of wasting my time going out. Guys have to remember that time is money, so even though he’s spending money on our date I’m spending my time on him.  As you get older you value your time more and more. And every date is not a good date, even if it includes free food.

There just comes a point when you don’t feel like really dating, even if there’s a free dinner involved.


2 thoughts on “I’m Too Old For Free Dinners

  1. And every person I told at the office thought I was nuts dating I always went for the free dinner. Now I’m married and he’s the one person who didn’t take me out. Just shows how my priorities changed over time!

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