Why Paula Deen Can’t Say The N-word But Kanye West Can

Paula, Paula, Paula. What a mess she has gotten herself into! Because of her use of racial slurs, I was so glad to hear that the Food Network has decided not to renew her contract and am hoping that QVC drops her too. I believe that an example should be made of her, especially since she hasn’t denied any of the allegations (I guess it’s not an allegation if it’s true). But it’s not just about her using the n-word it’s the systematic behavior throughout her business operations and the hostile work environment that she has allowed that are morally and financially degrading to African Americans. Paula Deen’s actions go way beyond the use of the n-word. She is a millionaire and has become a culinary celebrity by selling to ALL ethnicities, even though her company failed to pay African American employees the same as White employees.

Paula Deen is from the deep south (Savannah, Georgia to be exact), so can I blame her? She comes from an era where the n-word was used as commonly as the word “the”. Sure this is a new day & time, but if someone is raised a certain way with racist values embedded in them it’s not so easy to shake those ways. Our upbringing shapes who we are even if times have changed. Now this doesn’t excuse her actions it just helps explain why she feels the way she does towards Blacks. The problem I have with Paula is that if she didn’t see the big deal about what she was doing and not ashamed of her true feelings, she would have felt free to discuss this subject matter with Oprah when she came to visit her at her home 1 year ago.  I believe that Paula may be upset because she got caught saying the n-word, not because she said actually said it.

It’s comical that the vast majority of the people who support Paula Deen’s return to the Food Network are White. It’s even funnier that more White people are accepting of her behavior and think that her actions deserve nothing less than total forgiveness. After all, she is from one of the most racially charged states in this nation. However, it is one thing for her to have used racial slurs (which I’m sure she still uses) but it’s another thing to treat your staff unfairly in a racially hostile work environment. Paula Deen claims that she is not a racist but if that was the case why did so many of her African American employees feel uncomfortable & discriminated against? When Paula spoke about her desire for the antebellum period (read: Southern plantation style) for her brother’s wedding & having Blacks dress up like slaves, that reeks of good ole fashioned racism.

Now one of the oldest questions that Whites always want to know is why is it okay for Blacks to use the n-word but they can’t. Why do we allow our rappers, like Kanye West, to use that word but are ready to start a riot when White’s admit to saying the n-word? Well, here’s my response: If I were to call your mom fat, you would have a problem with that wouldn’t you? I know for many men, those would be fighting words. Even if you know that’s a sore spot for her and she’s struggling with her weight. But if your mother looks in the mirror and calls herself fat then that would be okay. I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with the use of the n-word, but if an African American chooses to use that word then that is their discretion, not yours. But it by no way permits Whites to use that word EVER. So White people please stop asking us this question, it is not your place to question what we call ourselves.

As for Paula Deen, I would say that her apology is too little and way too late. The only thing that racist people like Paula understand is not Black or White but green (money), so I will not be patronizing her businesses now or ever: A bought lesson is a taught lesson.


10 thoughts on “Why Paula Deen Can’t Say The N-word But Kanye West Can

  1. Listen , equal rights !! Get it “Equal” no one has the right to say anyone can or can not say somthing !! Black people say “Honkie” “Cracker” etcetera ,,, and that fine what is with this double standard ? We can say , But you can’t !! Get a grip !! This is America this B.S. About telling people what they can and cannot say is rediculas ,, that’s not equal .. If white people can’t say it than neither can we … If we can than they can. Slavery is over people get over it.. None of these folks had anything to do with it . So stop acting like they owe us somthing cause they don’t . You owe you , no one else .. If everybody used the “N” word it would take the power away from the word . Why are you people to dam stupid to see that …

    1. Equal right, huh? What’s so equal about White men making more on the dollar than White women for the same job? What’s equal about the Republicans holding our economy hostage over health care, putting us over $20 billion in debt? Why can women decide to abort their own children, but the fathers can’t?

      The point of it all is that LIFE IS UNFAIR. This is the way it has been, the way it is and the way it will always be. If one group of people have a problem with something that another group does to them, then the offending group should STOP IT. Plain & simple.

      Just like sexual harassment – even if a man doesn’t think he’s harassing a woman, if she feels harassed then she is. It’s the same thing with the N-word. White people don’t get to decide what is offensive to ME (or any other African American). It doesn’t matter if they agree with it or even understand it. It’s what I don’t want to hear coming out of their mouth. They don’t get to argue, dispute, claim that’s unfair, etc. If someone has a problem with something that you are doing against them, it is their obligation to stop doing it, not question why you don’t like what they’re doing. It is what it is.

  2. So,let me get this straight. It’s not the word that’s offensive. It’s who is saying it. I see.
    Isn’t that a form of prejudice in itself? Just asking.
    Because in this PC at all cost country that we’re determined to create here, I wouldn’t want to get things mixed up.

    1. Yes, that’s right. It’s just like me talking about your mama. You can call her fat, but if I say it then there’s a problem, right? Well, it’s the same theory. White people don’t get to decide the usage of the n-word, but if Blacks want to use then that’s perfectly within their right. There’s nothing prejudice with a group of people deciding that another group of people can’t use a particular word against them. Every racial group has words they don’t like – I don’t see anyone complaining about derogatory words used against the Hispanics or the Asians. Why not? Offensive words are determined by the person it’s used against.

  3. Why is a white person automatically the aggressor? Many American’s ancestors did not come to the US until after the civil war and not every citizen in early America owned a slave; how can they be held accountable for actions that were not theirs? Why are they demonized? How can a word so widely used in one culture automatically become an insult if it is said by someone outside of that culture or background?

    1. White people aren’t always the aggressor, but when it comes to race relations they don’t have the privilege of even appearing to be the aggressor.

      Slavery came to the U.S. all the way back in the 1600’s but the Civil War wasn’t until the late 1800’s, so just do the math. No every person did not own a slave, however, the majority of Whites did. Even the “not-so rich” Whites still employed field hands to help with their crops, and even after slavery there was indentured servitude.

      It’s not even about slavery anymore, it’s about the aftermath: Segregation. When I have this discussion with my White counterparts I have to explain to them that integration was less than 50 years ago. My parents grew up in an era where they weren’t allowed to get the same level of education as someone who was White. So if my parents grew up with fewer opportunities then guess what they were able to pass down to me? The point is that African Americans are not that far removed from blatantly racist activity.

      The problem with other people using the “n-word” is that it has such a negative history. So the same group of people that used that word against us, doesn’t get to use it towards us now. Especially someone of Paula Deen’s stature – she is from a generation that used that word regularly so for her it is probably very natural to say. The problem I have with that is unless you grew up under a rock or just moved to America, everyone knows that the n-word is offensive to Blacks coming from White people. So why would you ever use it in public (or around your employees)? Especially someone who is a public figure? Whether you agree that using that word is right or wrong, you still know that it’s an offensive term, so just don’t use it.

      Some things we don’t have to understand – again feelings are subjective. Is someone is offended by something, you don’t tell them that they are wrong for feeling offended, instead you respect the way they feel.

  4. Of course, it couldn’t possibly be racist to deny a certain race to use a certain word. It’s like denying them the use of the same water fountain, restroom, or toilet, but they don’t have the same skin color as you; so, apparently that immediately disqualifies them from using the same words as you.

    1. Yes, but the aggressor doesn’t get to decide it’s okay to use a word that is offensive to the victim. It’s the same example that I gave – if I call someone “fat” that’s considered rude even if they call themselves “fat” right in front of me.

      If I were to use the “f-word” for a gay person, everyone would be up in arms although they call themselves every homosexual name in the book. What’s the difference?

  5. *sigh* Seems like its time for me to pull my same old answers; to this same OLD and oh so tyeeeed question off the shelf. OMG what is the fascination White folks have with calling Black folks the N word?!? I used to think it was for publicity these celebrities did this..but I think its far worse & deeper than that..Know what I think? The ones who use it & get caught? Are FAR from being the only ones who use it..and more than likely use the N word; alot. Thats my best guess …Know what I think happens? I think! that they USE the N word so much(only speaking of the celebrities who get caught & not ALL White people) that they just FORGET a couple times when not to say it. And bam! someone who finds it offensive hears it..Its a mindset. You nailed it perfectly with laying out where Paula Deen is from..ONE of the States with a rigid foundation built on seething racism. Forget the hype y’all are hearing; racism IS still alive and well in some parts in our country. Very much alive..But lets see if I can break this down a little further…

    None of us can change how or what a person feels …And quite frankly I’m not surprised that Paula Deen feels as she does. She’s old! And that type of hatred is deeeeply INbred into her; probably from birth. I mean come on she’s from Georgia..What I find appalling? Is that knowing how she’s treated Black employees plus her use of the N word as the last nail in the coffin..People are still supporting her! Which means those folks feel the same way..The only way to combat such ugliness? Spread the opposite notions to our own children…Continue to teach them love, love, and tolerance and understanding. BUT also teach them the hard truth; racism is still alive and well so be mindful of that..Learn the signs and hidden words that are used. Everywhere..including corporate America. And? I’m not going to dignify that tyeeeed question about why can Black rappers or people use the N word; and White folks can’t. A blind man can figure that one out!!!! It insults my intelligence to keeeeep answering IT. Its common dang sense..and its already known when the question is asked. IF Black folks and folks of color start putting their heads together & stand united? Hurt folks like Paula Deen in the pocket..That is the color people like her love. Mean green. IF her pots/pans(overpriced too!) were the LAST ones on earth..I’d stop cooking! Well I have to start cooking again before I can stop; but thats another long topic for another time. Money talks; BS walks…Stop buying her stuff! Stop watching her show with that whiny! southern Belle voice..OMG every time I hear her voice I swear I think of Southern Plantations and it irks me to no end. Like fingernails down a chalk board. Yuck! How people are shocked she’d use the N word amazes me..I’d have been more shocked if I heard she didn’t use the N word or carry that sentiment. I’m just saying…

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