I Don’t Like Giving Gifts To Men

With Father’s Day approaching I am scrambling to get my Dad something nice. I know that I’m lucky to have a good father – one who was in my life growing up, tried to be the best father possible and set a high bar for what I want in a husband.  The problem is that he never exactly gets excited when I give him presents.

I’ve had the same issues with my ex-boyfriends. Whether it’s a Christmas present or a birthday gift, I never quite get the response that I expect. While it is possible that my gifts might not be all that great (of course I think they all are), I tend to think that most men are just expressionless. While they might say they love what I got them I certainly can’t tell by the reactions that I get. So I’m left to wonder – did I do a good job or not?

Because of this, I don’t particularly enjoy buying presents for men because they just don’t know how to react. I don’t expect them to act like I would whether it be jumping up & down or scream & shout but at least pretend to be excited. Geesh! When someone gives a gift, the biggest joy they can receive is knowing that the recipient actually likes your gift, not just in words but in reaction. But if I can’t tell that you like what I’ve given you, it makes me less interested to buy anything else for you.

Of course, I will still buy my Dad a gift – not just for Father’s Day but for all other special occasions. But my experience over the years has made me less excited to give gifts to any  other men in my life.


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