Another birthday is coming up and it’s time for me to think about my next year of living. I can honestly say that this wasn’t my greatest year, but there’s always next year. I don’t like to spend a lot of time reflecting on the past and prefer to think about what I can do in the future.

Because my birthday falls towards the middle of the year (the month of May), I like to think of it as a mid-year New Year’s eve celebration. A new year for me begins when I turn a year older. And since its midyear, I also reevaluate my New Year’s resolutions. What should I be doing differently in my life? How can I turn my year around? These are things that I think about every time it gets close to my birthday.

Whenever there’s another birthday people always ask “How does it feel to be another year older?” I never quite know how to answer that question. Do I feel older? Yes. Do I look older? I hope not. Do I feel any wiser? I’m certainly trying. (lol)

I know people say that you should celebrate life every day but I don’t normally do anything too special on my birthday (only the major ones). I am looking forward to celebrating this year with some of my friends by singing live karaoke. I already have my favorite Whitney Houston song picked out (no, it’s not I Will Always Love You)! I am also looking forward to possibly having a celebration again next year (although it’s a little too early to tell right now).

Oh well. At least I get to still check the same box on all those questionnaires (the 26-35 year-old box). J


4 thoughts on “32Chainz

  1. Happy early Bday my Sista! Every day is cause for celebration ..that we were blessed to wake . Honestly? It took WORK to feel like celebrating every day but I kid U not I do…but that’s another story for when time permits. Kudos for going karaoke . What fun ! I recently went for the first time in ages and ended up with a fan club at the place ! I had a BALL. So go party Sis and celebrate YOU and sing like you’re the next Whitney. Hugs!

    1. Thank you! I also plan on going to hear some live poetry during the birthday weekend & maybe even a comedy show.

      I know you’re gearing up for your birthday bash in a few more months 🙂

      1. Ahhh sounds like a good time..I’ve been looking for a spoken word spot since I moved here..I actually want to perform spoken word again. Did it in celebration of my 45th back in California; and had a blast.

        And yep, still planning & gearing UP for the par-tay of the century on this end..Becoming a century old is for sure cause to celebrate 🙂 I’m seriously thinking about posting pics after on my blog site here..

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