When Is It Time To Give Up On Love?

I know that you can fall in love at any time during your life, but what if that time never comes?

Can you really go your entire life without meeting “the one?” Some would argue that everyone gets at least one chance at love but may miss out for one reason or another (for instance, the timing just wasn’t right, etc.). Is it possible that we can have true love right in front of us and not realize? Or perhaps we just rationalize that it was never really love to begin with.

I’m not sold on the idea that you need to be in love to have a successful marriage (that’ll be another post, for another day). But I am starting to wonder whether or not it’s worth holding out for love to get married. I think that marriage is more about compatibility than anything else. So if I meet someone that I’m completely compatible with but don’t love why wouldn’t I consider marrying that person? I can’t tell the future (of course), but I’m willing to bet that it’ll be a lot easier to find someone that I’m compatible with versus someone that I truly love.

So with that line of thinking, I sometimes wonder if it’s best to just give up on finding love. Plus, everyone wasn’t meant to be married. There are more women on this earth than men and from what I hear it gets harder to meet someone the older you get. With all of these things working against women, maybe it is a waste of time to think that we’ll find true love.

Now, I’m not saying I’m ready to crawl into a cave just yet but in the back of my mind I wonder if I’m wasting my time hoping for something that will never come…..


4 thoughts on “When Is It Time To Give Up On Love?

  1. LOL… I can see it now… you’re married to the man of dreams, 2.5 children, big house and the white pickett fence. I can see you blogging, years from now, a new blog titled, “WHY DID I GET MARRIED – 3” 🙂

  2. you remind me of ‘ME’ …with your thinking… I used to feel the same exact way! Look DEEP down inside of yourself and come up with some truths. You need to love yourself first before loving someone else… yeah, yeah… i know…”i do love myself” you say. I said the same thing to myself too… but the love you search for sits down deep inside and before you able to give love, you will need to retrieve your own love. This may not make sense to you [right now] but when you are ready to receive love, you will know exactly what this old lady is talking about. Dont worry [LIL GIRL] you will have love, be loved and IN LOVE. You notice, I did not once say ‘compatiblity’! Believe me you don’t want ‘compatiblity’, trust me. Just be still Lil Grasshopper, GOD hears prayers. [are you praying…or are you playing?] God only listens when prayers are in HIS name. 😉

    P.S. – I best get an invitation to the wedding too!

    1. Amen to that! I do pray on the daily. My mom & dad do too. I am still working on me (never ending process, right?) but I do believe I’m ready to receive and give love. Thanks so much for your advice. I’m just getting tired of waiting and am starting to give up hope.

      But I haven’t TOTALLY given up hope yet. And I WILL definitely invite you to my wedding. 🙂

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