Balancing Motherhood & Your Career – Is Working Part Time The Best Move To Make In This Economy?

A woman I know recently decided to go from working full time to part time so that she could stay home & spend more time with her family. Not wanting to completely be a stay-at-home mom, she decided that the only way to sustain her career would be to keep one foot in the working world and one foot at home. I’m sure her husband is glad to have her around the house more & her children will benefit from increased attention, but where does that leave her career?

Currently, the unemployment rate is hovering right around 8%. Depending on what part of the country you live in that percentage may be significantly higher. After working long & hard to build a solid career and then starting a family, you are now willing to possibly through that away? It’s one thing to start working part-time after not working at all, because of a company mandate, or if you have special circumstances (disability, spouse is deployed to another country, etc.). But to purposely cut back your working hours and your household income right when you might need it the most? Some of the women who do this are the same women who complain about not moving up in their careers. Of course, returning to full time employment is always an option but they should be glad to even have a job, given that so many people (with families) are still looking for work.

Family should always come first, but is it worth sacrificing your career as a woman? Especially in such an unstable economy? People are being laid off left & right and pink slips are becoming more popular than pay slips, so why risk providing less for your family, or at the very least why risk not being able to provide at all?

It’s so ironic to me that decades & decades after women fighting to work outside the home and earn equal pay (although we’re still not quite there), we now have women who are fighting to stay at home and NOT work at all. I can’t say that I agree with this woman’s decision. I think that she should continue to work full time and raise her family at the same time.

I’m not saying it will be easy but if she doesn’t really want her job someone else will.


2 thoughts on “Balancing Motherhood & Your Career – Is Working Part Time The Best Move To Make In This Economy?

  1. If you indpendant women would focus on owning your own businesses, this wouldn’t be an issue, a job doesn’t belong to you it belongs to your employer your as only independant as your job allows you to be, so much for youre eurocentric education foolish negros learn to work for yourself. Stop the negro bed wench mentallity.

    1. Uh, everybody can’t work for themselves. Apparently you haven’t thought of occupations like teaching, stock broker, etc. Even doctors & lawyers have to work for someone else before they open up their own practices.

      This whole “work for yourself mentality” only works for some professions & not all. And even then, the employer still has people working for them. So if I worked as a partner in my friend’s law firm, am I then not independent because I’m working for someone else? Your argument doesn’t make sense: Without employees, employers wouldn’t be able to employ, thus driving the economy even further into the ground.

      But thanks for reading!

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