Dating Is More Expensive For Women Than It Is For Men

A male friend of mine was telling me of a conversation he had with one of his guy friends about the cost of dating. He figured that in one year he spent close to $10,000 in dating alone, between dinners, the movies, taking trips, black-tie events, gifts, concerts, etc. Now he may have been exaggerating a bit, but the discussion continued on about how expensive dating can be and how women don’t have to spend hardly anything. I adamantly disagreed with this and explained to my male friend that women have to spend money too. Dating isn’t free for us either.

After this conversation, I started to really think about how much I spend on dating. On average, men spend around $50 on a date – depending on where he lives – give or take. As a woman, my money is mostly spent on preparing for the date not to mention the dates that I do occasionally pay for. Hair appointments and nail appointments can cost over $100 easily. Not to mention new outfits, shoes & accessories. My friend was quick to point out that buying new clothes for a date isn’t necessary; therefore I couldn’t count that as a “dating expense”. I told him that it does count because although we women can wear the same clothes after a date, the new outfit would not have been purchased had it not been for that date. For example, if a man takes a woman out to dinner & spends $25 on her meal & $25 on his meal he won’t say the date only costs $25. Instead, he’ll say that the date was $50 – the total cost of the dinner. The argument is that he would not have spent $25 on his meal unless he was out on that date. So, it’s the same thing with a woman buying new clothes for a date. And as for getting my hair & nails done, it may not be necessary but it’s something that men certainly enjoy seeing.

And there’s more to it than just money. Women take a lot of time getting ready than men (between hair, makeup and the like) so not only does it cost us more money, we lose more time preparing for the date. And we all know that time is money.

So gentlemen, yes dating is expensive for women too!


6 thoughts on “Dating Is More Expensive For Women Than It Is For Men

  1. But the cost of the dress if bought for an occasion previously goes down overtime the more often you wear it whereas the mans meal never gets cheaper its always going to cost what it costs.

    Unless each time you wear that outfit he takes you to a cheaper and cheaper restaurant…

    ‘Babe lets go to McDonalds today’ lol

    Is time money…. well it depends on the person. If your Oprah then yes, but if your just a normal person then its unlikely. This is you downtime anyway where chances are you only would have been sitting at home watching tv and not working on a business.

    So I’m not in agreement here….besides hopefully as time moves on you each start paying for yourselves anyway at least after 3 dates…. surely?

    1. Thanks for reading my post all the way thru. I understand what you’re saying about the dress – you believe it depreciates over time, which is true BUT it still takes a woman longer to get ready.

      I don’t pay after the 3rd date, but I think it’s all about who you attract. The men that I attract prefer to be the “the man” & pay for the dates, unless I’m the one setting up the date. 🙂

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