Men Just Don’t Dress Up Anymore On Dates

Recently, I’ve been out on a couple of dates and noticed that men don’t seem to get dressed up to go out anymore. Even when I’m out with my girlfriends, I’ve observed men on a date who aren’t dressed up. Of course what you wear on a date is entirely dependent on where you’re going but have we turned into such an informal society that even going out to eat doesn’t merit wearing anything more than a pair of jeans?

If a couple is just hanging out and going to the movies then wearing jeans & tennis shoes is totally appropriate. However, if we are going to a play, a museum, an art gallery or dinner then I expect a man to dress accordingly. For some strange reason, a lot of men tend to think that wearing a sweater (or a nice shirt) makes wearing jeans more acceptable. I don’t understand this logic – that’s like me wearing a silk blouse with a pair of shorts. The two just don’t go together!

And don’t even get me started on men who wear tennis shoes or sports paraphernalia on a date. Wearing shoes with laces should not be worn on a first, second or third date (again, unless you’re going somewhere casual like the movies or an actual sports outing). There is almost nothing worse than seeing a 45-50 year old man wearing a sports jersey, a pair of jeans and tennis shoes on a date. I’m not saying that men should put on a pair of Kenneth Coles or a button down shirt every time but at least wear something that is age appropriate & more importantly date appropriate. A man is supposed to put his best foot forward on a date. But if his best foot has on an Adidas, then I’m not impressed.

Now, I know the way a man dresses isn’t everything and certainly doesn’t provide any insight into his character or whether or not he’s a good man, but if I’m turned off by your appearance then getting to know you becomes a little bit harder. Men are visual and enjoy being with a woman who is dressed nicely. I just don’t think it’s too much to ask for men to dress as nicely for us as they would like us to dress for them.

I was told to always dress nicer than the guy I am with, and these days that’s getting easier & easier to do.


4 thoughts on “Men Just Don’t Dress Up Anymore On Dates

  1. I agree, I recently was at the mall where I was supposed to meet my date. I was dressed nice, dress pants and a dressy top, but when he showed up… all I could say was damn… He was wearing a sports top and blue jeans and smelled, no second date for him!

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