If We Can’t Control Our DNA, Then Why Are We Judged On Our Looks?

We know that the more attractive a person is, the better they are treated in society. Considering we have no control over what we look like, it’s unfortunate that the way we’re treated is based on our looks.

Conversely, if we don’t get preferential treatment, does that mean we aren’t attractive? In my younger days, I’ve  seen women get into the club ahead of me because they are prettier, and I’ve also gotten freebies based on my looks (or maybe it’s just my charm, I’m not sure!). Of course, it’s always better to be on the receiving end of these gestures, even if it is for superficial reasons. The issue I have with this is that men are visual and if a woman isn’t that attractive it becomes harder to attract a man, whereas women don’t place as much emphasis on looks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good looking man just as much as the next woman. But I like looking at men who have nice bodies. You see, these men actually had to work hard at looking good; it wasn’t just handed down to them naturally. A nice face is one thing (that’s genetics), but a nice body is another thing (that takes actual work & effort). The way I look is not my fault; therefore, I don’t hold it against anyone else who doesn’t look a certain way. I judge based on character and personality, you know things that are within a person’s control.

I know that everybody is initially judged by their looks and it isn’t fair. But if women can overlook looks, why don’t men?


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