One Wedding Per Person, Please

I’m all for love and marriage and enjoy attending the weddings of my family & friends. But as we know a lot of marriages (slightly over 50%) don’t last. After a divorce occurs the likelihood of a second marriage is high. But guess what’s higher than that – the divorce rate of the second marriage.

Statistically, second marriages are even less successful than first marriages (an approx. 65% divorce rate). Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but I’m not a huge fan of attending second weddings. The first wedding may have required me to take off of work, pay for a plane ticket, book a hotel room & get a rental car just to attend your special day, but I will only do it once. Some people never get to have one wedding, let alone two. Unless a person is widowed (my friends haven’t experienced that stage of life yet), I do not feel compelled to make the same sacrifice for you twice, even if the divorce wasn’t your fault).

….And what am I supposed to do when the second marriage doesn’t work out?


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