Baby Showers, Eh Who Needs Them?

I really hate baby showers. Just because you & your husband decided to make a baby, I don’t understand why I should have to pay for it. I’ll already be stuck paying for your child to go to public school for the next 12 years, so now I’m supposed to buy a rattle & some diapers on top of that? Plus, the games at these parties are really wack. And how many times can you “Oh” & “Ah” over a onsie?!

Apparently a bunch of women getting together and eating cake and opening up gifts has been around for a while, although I couldn’t find exactly when or where this tradition got started. I mean, if you chose to get pregnant than you should be in a financial position to take care of your newborn baby. That being said – why register for gifts? If you didn’t plan to get pregnant, that’s a whole different enchilada, but still….you get my point.

If anything, the celebration should come after the baby is born. Why do we celebrate beforehand? The real celebration is not the pregnancy itself (anyone can do that), but the fact that the baby has been born and is (hopefully) healthy. Besides, that’s really when the mother-to-be is in a better position to determine what gifts & accoutrements are truly needed. Before the baby comes, the mother is just taking a stab in the dark as to what she’ll need for her unborn child.

I do feel sorry for the fathers though; they always get left out of the parties. What do they get for planting their seed? Nothing. Nothing at all…..


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