February Is Officially Over

Black History Month is officially over (boo!) & I hope that you were able to learn something new from my daily Black History posts. I know I did. I mean who knew that a Black man was the first one to make it to the North Pole? Or that African American man couldn’t vote until almost 100 years after this country was founded? I certainly didn’t. Even though February is over, I’ll continue to slip in some Black History factoids throughout the month. So stay tuned!


March is here and I have a lot, and I do mean a lot, of new topics. I will continue to include articles of interest that I find on other websites and try to plug other writers; however, I am going to include a lot of issues as it relates to what’s going on in my life. Issues of dating, marriage, having children (or not), friendship, motivational topics, working out, church, etc. will continue to be the most popular topics on my blog.

Oh yeah, and don‘t worry – the Question of the Day is back! I’ve got plenty of great questions that I’m going to throw out there so please Respond, Like, or Re-blog (or all 3 if you can)!

Also, I know this blog looks rather plain. I actually like it that way – it’s less distracting.  But I’m going to play around with some new looks to make it a little more visually appealing, so please bear with me.

I’m also planning on adding a new feature:

  • CV Chronicles: My girlfriend & I made a pact to go out multiple times a week so that we can network, meet new people (hopefully some good looking men!) and enjoy new hot spots in our city. From time to time I will ‘chronicle’ these outings by sharing where I went, who I met and what, if anything, came out of it. So, when you see the heading “CV Chronicles” you’ll know what to expect!

So here’s what Chocolate Vent will look like:

  • Sunday: I’ll continue with my weekly scriptures, however, there might be some musical clips from time to time. Since the beginning of the year, I have been keeping track of my weekly blessings. Bad things always happen, so sometimes it’s nice to just sit down & appreciate good things as they happen.
  • Question of the Day: They’re back! Don’t be afraid to Respond, Like, or Re-blog
  • Monday – Friday: These posts will be my usual mix of crazy!
  • Saturday: I will post previously published articles that I think you may find interesting (like I did today)
  • Facebook: Articles about any & everything will be posted here. I’m also going to start posting some funny pics that will be sure to make you laugh!
  • Twitter: My usual “randomness


Happy reading & feel free to leave comments at any time!


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