Yeah Women Don’t Really Cook Anymore, But Men Don’t Do Much Either

I’ve heard from so many men that women don’t cook or clean anymore. A lot of men look to their mothers as the “ideal woman” and a lot of us don’t measure up because we don’t do the things that their mothers used to do.

First, let me speak on why I think women don’t cook or clean like they did in previous generations. Women are working more and don’t have the time or energy to spend on cooking or cleaning. I tell ya, after working 8-10 hours a day then sitting in traffic, the last thing I want to do  when I come home is chop up a bunch of onions, pull out my measuring cups for a new recipe or have a bunch of dishes to wash at the end of the night. Cooking for one is much more difficult than cooking for two or more. I would much rather just spend $8.95 at my local Chinese restaurant for a teriyaki chicken combo or $10 for a pizza that will last me at least 2 days. Can I cook? Sure. Do I prefer to cook versus going out? Not really.  My ex-boyfriend once told me that he would much rather spend $25 taking me out to dinner than to have me cook all the time because he knew that the 1-1 ½ hours it took me to prepare a meal & clean up afterwards would be better served spending quality time together.

Women may not cook like they used to but there are certainly some things that men don’t do anymore. Let’s take a look, shall we?:

  • Bring us flowers – I can’t remember the last time I received flowers from a man & it wasn’t Valentine’s Day. What happened to the times when men used to bring flowers when taking us out on dates or if for no other reason, just because?
  • Pay for the date – The economy is tough, I know firsthand. However, if you are man enough to ask me out on a date, then you should have the money to pay for the date that you asked me out on. If your finances are limited then I have two suggestions for you – 1) Pick someplace that is within your budget or 2) Don’t date until you can afford to do so. I wouldn’t buy a car that I couldn’t afford so I have the choice of getting a cheaper car or staying off the car lot completely. It really is that simple. No woman should ever be expected to pay for a date.
  • Fix my car – I don’t really know any man that changes the oil on his own car. And I certainly haven’t seen any man with a AAA membership change a flat tire. Men talk a good game when it  comes to car maintenance but I have yet to see one actually pick up a tire iron or even offer to check under the hood of my car for any possible repairs.
  • Treat us with respect – Any man who can listen to a rap artist or comedian call a woman out of her name (insert b-word here) is arguably just as guilty of being disrespectful to women.
  • Open my door & make sure that I get home safely – What happened to simple chivalry? Sure, most men open the door to the restaurant or to the movie theater on a date, but what about the car door? What about walking me to my front door when you drop me off after the date? It’s a shame that men don’t even do the things that are free anymore.

So men, you want me to cook for you? Then I suggest you pick up some flowers for me on your way over for dinner J

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11 thoughts on “Yeah Women Don’t Really Cook Anymore, But Men Don’t Do Much Either

  1. I buy flowers for a date but I find very very very disgusting that a woman wants me to pay for the dinner entirely. That was justified when women couldn’t pay, but now they are dinner thiefs, they can pay but prefer to make us poorer. Face it and take your wallets. I open the car’s door and they are surprised but when both have a good time eating i always have to pay the whole thing, you’re not our daughters and also never cook or clean your own houses sometimes.

    • Okay, I hear what you’re saying but if we are going “stag” then that’s not really a date. That’s more like “hanging out”.

      If you ask a woman out, why should she have to pay when you invited her? It would be such a turnoff if a man spent $10-$20 on flowers for me but then expects me to pay $10-$20 for my own dinner. Why not just save the money from the flowers & pay for her dinner instead?

      Are you also forgetting that women pay for other stuff that men don’t – like hair, nails, makeup & cute clothes – all to look good for you?!

  2. Things have moved on. Both parties need to share out the household ‘chores’.
    I love to cook so I don’t see it as work.
    A thing I’ve found is people in general have an inability to hold a conversation. If they don’t have 30mins to prepare a text they are a bit lost in person

  3. It’s not that women don’t cook, it’s that they don’t know how to cook. And they don’t want to help pay for dinner on a date. They want the man to pay.

  4. I’ve frequently read that men today are of the opinion that women are not women anymore. I think cooking would be one example supporting this claim. Thing is, when you total up all the household labor done by men compared to women, one finds that women still do far more then men do even when both are working full time outside the home. Men are bringing home less bacon, so it’s no surprise women are not cooking much these days.

    • Thanks for your response!

      I still think that women should be domesticated & know how to cook something, but it is disheartening that men don’t buy flowers (and the like) anymore.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. I see these as examples of a tit-for-tat battle of the sexes that has been going on for the past few decades, driving men and women farther and farther apart. Sadly, it’s also driving families apart and harming children but neither men nor women seem to want to take the high road.

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